Budgeting and Calculating Rent

Just like with any other business, there are start-up and fixed costs that should factor into the calculation of your rent. Consult me before placing your small space on the market so you know what you need to spend up-front and throughout the term of the lease. Email me to request help budgeting and calculating rent!

Renting Fully-Furnished

There is a great market for furnished apartments in this transient city. There definitely are pros and cons to renting your small space fully-furnished. Email me to request information about renting fully-furnished!

Listing Your Unit

So, you’ve gotten your Basic Business License, created an application, taken photos, drafted a lease with an attorney, and written the listing. Is your head spinning yet? No need – just consult with me for all the steps involved in listing your unit. Email me to request help listing your unit for rent!