Ellie’s E-Book, From Grad to Pad: The Key to Buying Your First Home in Three Years, is nearly complete! This book, targeted at Millennials, offers a realistic three-year strategy to save for, scout out, and select one’s first home. Read the back-cover copy below.

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You got the degree – now get the deed.

You’ve learned a lot over the years, but here’s a piece of information you’ll only learn from the textbook of harsh reality: by the time most Millennials buy their first home, they’ll have thrown away around $100,000 on rent alone.

All over the country, Millennials are finally figuring out that it’s actually cheaper to own than rent…the only problem is figuring out how to start.

From Grad to Pad is the only book out there that offers a strategy to save, search, and settle for your first home in just three years. Real estate expert and fellow Millennial Ellie Mix Yehl gives you the essential information, including:

– How having student loans – regardless of the amount – is irrelevant to owning property, and can even be considered a benefit
– A realistic and calculable savings goal to pay for all the up-front costs
– Twenty practical and Millennial-approved strategies to save money every month
– How to scout the right downtown location, from setting a budget to settling on a neighborhood
– Strategies to get low-money-down loans, pay little to no closing costs, and present a compelling offer
– Setting the foundation to become a landlord for life

With insightful tips, anecdotes, and advice from Millennials and real estate pros around the U.S., From Grad to Pad is the only book you need to score your first place, start investing smart, and stop throwing away money in rent for the rest of your life!